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Only 35% of 18–24-year-olds are enrolled in the higher education system worldwide. 
Highest Dropout Rate 


Higher education will see a 3.5% decline in enrollment, which will mean 7.9 million fewer students. 

Only 55% of available resources in higher education institutions are used efficiently. 

186 countries implemented remote learning programs while institutions were closed. 

Planning for Sustainability 

Prepare for a new era in academic planning and management to optimize costs, reduce spend, and generate incremental revenue.

Academic Demand Planning 

Gain data-backed insights to optimize physical campus infrastructure and resource usage so you can make more informed decisions when planning for resource allocation for in-person and hybrid classes. Know when expanding your physical footprint is necessary and when it’s being underutilized. 

  • Optimize infrastructure, resources, and teaching costs. 
  • Automate the creation of optimized scheduling and course demand forecasting. 
  • Effectively plan around examinations periods. 
  • Enable easy online resource booking. 
Curriculum Planning 

Extract data from your existing systems to streamline academic and curriculum management workflows, facilitate assessment and accreditation processes.  Align curriculum with desired learning outcomes and manage student progress supported by analytics. 

  • Easier curriculum design and management.  
  • Measure learning outcomes more effectively. 
  • Better manage faculty workload plans and reports Measuring Learning Outcomes.
  • Access learning analytics. 
Student Success Initiative Planning

Access customized models and sub-models based on your institutional data to receive insight into the factors influencing student retention risk. Integrate and centralize communications and all student services.

  • Access 100+ indicators to customize AI-based models to identify at-risk students, including individual student risk scoring and factors. 
  • Manage all student resources and services in one platform. 
  • Orchestrate timely interventions and continuous support in your retention strategy. 

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uPlanner was winner of the Microsoft Community Response Partner of the Year 2021 award, for the social impact made in 16 countries, and in particular, for the work done with the Ministry of Education of peru, through which we sought to promote the continuity of studies in public universities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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