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planeación educativa

How academic planning supports accreditation in higher education

What is academic planning? Academic planning in higher education is planning that outlines a college or university’s overall academic goals and how those goals will be met. It identifies long-term and short-term objectives to match the mission of an institution with the needs of learners. The purpose of academic planning usually consists of finding what […]

machine learning

How machine learning improves student retention

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on our lives is undeniable. Although we may not notice it, AI has become ubiquitous. From the security features of our banking app to content recommendations on our favorite social media platform or even weather forecasting, the presence of AI touches almost every aspect of today’s reality. Entire industries […]

acreditacion academica

Guide to a successful academic accreditation process

Accredited universities and programs are assured to meet the needs of their students, preparing graduates for their careers, and to respond to the needs of professions and of the world, thanks to a practice of ongoing self-assessment and continuous improvement. This process must be initiated by the institution, and it can take months or even […]