High Performance Solutions Designed for Higher Education

These award winning, innovative solutions from u-planner are organized into three key functional categories: Assessment, Optimization and Student Experience.

Based on u-planner’s own proprietary algorithms and AI (artificial intelligence), and Microsoft Azure, these cloud-based solutions are designed to support the management and continuous improvement of higher education institutions. The focus is on student success and process optimization outcomes, utilizing proven best practices for digital transformation.


Assessment solutions focus on defining and improving academic support for the continuous improvement of curriculum and documentation, allowing an institution to optimize and track progress towards academic accreditation or other key metrics and milestones.


These solutions focus on the optimization of institutional resources. Data analytics will simplify and improve what are usually complex and challenging short, medium and long term planning efforts, aligning the scheduling and use of infrastructure with strategic planning and development.

Student Experience

Student Experience solutions dynamically track, analyze, and predict student success, persistence, and retention through sophisticated and continuously improving pattern recognition of up to any number of data points. Looking at class registration, attendance, effort, and engagement to provide daily updates and early alerts to advisors, faculty and administrative departments, these solutions consolidate and present complex data in simple-to-use individual student or aggregate dashboards. The result is a shared institutional focus on improving student success.

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