Are the majority of your students “digital natives”? Are they accustomed to using attractively designed and high-performance platforms as part of their daily lives? Do they feel that the digital platforms used by your institution to communicate with them are somewhat lacking? 

Does your institution use several unconnected platforms to communicate or coordinate with your students? 

What it does?

uExperience is a mobile application through which students can communicate

and coordinate with their educational institution, other students, and their teachers.  In terms of interaction with their institution, students are given a virtual ID card (replacing physical IDs), consult a chatbot to answer their questions, and obtain reports of their current and past grades and their progress in their degree program. They can also receive notifications, book facilities and equipment, make their monthly fee payments, and complete other operations defined by the institution.  

From the first day of class, each student has access to a complete list of others on their course,

descriptive profiles for each of them, and the ability to contact them via instant messaging, without the need to share telephone numbers. They can also schedule events and book facilities, inviting their peers to participate using notifications that can be accepted or rejected. 

In addition, each student can interact with their teachers,

contacting them via instant individual or group messaging (e.g., a teaching group and their teacher), receiving notifications from them, and accessing course materials.  uExperience provides students with an agenda and a home screen that displays the day’s events and gives direct access to the app’s main functions. The platform can be configured according to the specific needs of each institution, including modification or incorporation of functions and implementation of institutional branding. 


uExperience improves the student experience, generating satisfaction with and commitment to the many aspects of student life and, as such, boosting performance: 

Simplifies management and coordination

both academic and extracurricular. These tasks can often be demanding in terms of time and effort,
but uExperience simplifies and speeds them up, freeing up students’ time and allowing them to focus on their studies. 

Centralizes this management and coordination within a single platform

that is literally at your fingertips.
This makes it even easier to complete a variety of administrative tasks that would otherwise require access to several different platforms or involve non-automated processes such as email requests. 

Facilitates integration with peers

by identifying other students on the same course right from the first day of classes and providing an instant messaging service with which to contact them.
This supports the coordination of events and study groups and helps with the booking of shared facilities. 
The challenges and frustrations of getting to know other students are a factor that contributes to student dropout, especially in first-year students and those who are the first generation of their family to enter higher education.  

uExperience also offers benefits to the institution: 

Strengthens direct communication with students

by providing an instant channel through which to keep them updated on everything of relevance. 

Strengthens students identification with their institution

through the familiarity and accessibility of the uExperience platform,
whose graphical interface can be completely tailored to the institution. 

How does it work?

The institution begins by identifying, in conjunction with the uPlanner team, those functions to be incorporated into their particular uExperience implementation. As the application is always evolving, each new implementation will include new functions and/or modifications to existing ones. 

Many uExperience functions are designed to integrate with the institution’s existing information systems, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), online facilities booking systems, etc.  

Standard uExperience functions include: 

where information from the other functions is presented, and where the student can create academic or extracurricular events, schedule reminders, and export events to Google Calendar or other scheduling applications.

eplaces physical ID cards and identifies the student whenever necessary, such as when gaining access to campus, parking facilities, etc.). The virtual ID card also includes digital security mechanisms. 

or virtual assistant capable of answering questions of any type. Makes use of a list of unanswered questions to continuously improve its knowledge and quality. 

displays a report of grades obtained in each assessment for each course, notifying the student as soon as these are published. It includes general (not individual) statistical distribution information regarding the grades obtained by all students on a given

 shows the student’s progress through their study plan, historical grade information, and ranking within their generation. 

registers and reports on classes attended, classes missed, and delays relating to all courses or activities that require minimum attendance. Issues alert to warn students of any risk of non-compliance with these thresholds. 

enables students to view all of the resources on offer, make bookings, and invite other students on their course to attend. It requires installation of uBooking or another online reservation system. 

enables payment of fees and other services offered by the institution. 

provides access to the various services offered by the institution to its students, along with phone numbers and other contact information for inquiries or emergencies. 

provides a brief profile of all students on each of the user’s courses. 

for conversations between students on the same course and between students and teachers. Supports individual and group conversations, as well as multimedia messaging. 

where students can consult and download the course content.

Our Clients

More than 70 educational institutions trust u-planner solutions, ranging from small and medium institutions up to the most prestigious and highly ranked universities.