Helps to transform the faculty into a collaborative community where teachers share the work they do, how they do it, and their vision of how the institution can move forward.

The u-faculty solution covers class instruction as well as research, academic management and methodology, and personal skills improvement. It allows the university to monitor each instructor’s work and align their efforts with the institution’s best practices and strategic plan.


  • Creates a faculty community by providing a platform to share important information on many different aspects of instructional work such as research, techniques to improve student learning skills, and other innovations in education.
  • Allows instructors to load work plans for each of the courses they teach to get the appropriate approvals from academic leadership.
  • Provides strategic monitoring for each faculty position categorized by degree, faculty member, campus and/or university.


  • Work plan development for academic periods covering [pedagogy], research, external consulting activities, institutional roles and faculty member continuous improvement efforts.
  • Flexible workflows that provide opportunities for revising instructors’ work across a defined time period.

The system is vital to the process of accreditation. It allows us to map units of study, individual assessments, to the outcomes of a complete degree program.

Dr. Douglas Auld

Head Teacher

Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

The University of Sydney

The really important development came with u-improve in the learning outcomes area. The outcome specifications are more consistent, more intelligible, more meaningful, and more available.

Tim Lever

Educational Designer and Curriculum Systems Developer

The University of Sydney

u-planner is doing a tremendous job innovating and using data to drive impact and insight for institutions to help students in classrooms of today create the future of tomorrow.

Anthony Salcito

Vice President of Education


The system supports the enrollment process because it’s a centralized place where all the information about courses and units of study is stored.

Christine Lacey

Senior Policy and Project Officer

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

The University of Sydney

u-improve is useful for students, for fellow academics, for the accreditation process, the design of a curriculum, and checking the curriculum is actually meeting its objectives.

Judy Kay


School of Computer Science

The University of Sydney


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