Student Success Initiative Planning

Timely Interventions and Student Communications to Promote Academic Achievement 

Ensure student success through centralized communications and services—including student, academic, and campus-wide. Identify at-risk students through a personalized AI-model and establish timely intervention flows to prevent student dropout and keep them on track to graduation. 

Centralized communications campus-wide 
Tangible Retention ROI 
Timely and actionable intervention flows

Student Success Initiative Planning

We let your data tell the story. Our models uncover the uniqueness of your institution and provides insight into the factors influencing retention risk for your students. 

Tackling retention requires a holistic approach based on data. uPlanner’s predictive analytics deliver insight into student behavior and needs so you can confidently plan student success initiatives to help struggling students toward graduation. You can create efficient communication flows by centralizing all student communications to reach learners effectively and consistently. 

Ready to streamline student communications and boost student retention? 

Analyzing and applying your data to get timely and accurate insight into student retention is just one step away.  

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