Data-Driven Solutions for Education

Technology designed by experts in academia for higher education institutions dedicated to the mission of providing high-quality, accessible education. 

Our goal is to provide stable, easy-to-use technology solutions to empower institutions with processes and tools that make them more effective in delivering a quality learning experience.

To do so, we apply the best management, design and development practices, prioritising information security and the continuous improvement of our processes based on constant training of our collaborators, executing a high-value solution and continuously evaluating our internal processes.

In this way, we guarantee a secure operation and an integral service, in accordance with the fulfilment of the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activity we carry out.

Executive team

Juan Pablo Mena

Civil Engineer from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María and MBA from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Chief Executive Officer In

Jorge Walters

Civil Engineer in Computer Science and MBE from the Universidad de Chile
Chief Operating Officer In

Mario Sanchez

Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science, Wilfrid Laurier University
Chief Commercial Officer In

Sebastián Ríos

Civil Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Chief Financial Office In

Daniela Lopez

Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media by Università di Bologna
Chief Marketing Officer In

Andrea Lorenzini

Master in Organizational Psychology.
Chief People Officer In

Lucia Gil

Degree in Social Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires
Sales Manager Latam In

Board of Directors

Jamil Salmi

Global Tertiary Education –World Bank – Ph.D. in Development Studies
Board President In

Oliver Fögel

Managing Partner at Scale Capital – Former CEO Microsoft Chile
Board Member In

Maria Pía Morante

Investment Director at ALIVE Ventures | Vicepresident of PECAP
Board Member In

Wilibaldo Bravo

Co-founder of uPlanner
Board Member In

Zyanya Bejarano

Global GTM Leader | Latina in Tech
Board Member In


To promote efficient management in educational institutions through data-driven solutions that impact every member of the academic community and contribute substantially to shaping the professionals of the future.


To be the EdTech company with the greatest global impact on education through data-driven solutions.


Impact | Collaboration | Learning

Our History

Launch and First Developments 

uPlanner was founded in 2012 by Juan Pablo Mena and Rodrigo Hernández, who created the first system based on algorithms to optimize the use of physical infrastructure at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) in Chile, where they worked as academics. After this experience, the founders partnered with Carolina Arce, Wilibaldo Bravo, and Cristian Espinoza to continue developing technology-based solutions that incorporate data science concepts such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. 

Our Team

uPlanner continues to grow and expand across the world to serve high-performance higher education institutions. 

Experts at Work 

At uPlanner we work with more than 90 education specialists, data scientists, and engineers within diverse specialties to help higher education institutions improve their overall performance in the planning and management of everyday resources. 
United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Sweden and Abu Dhabi.


We are experts with a customer-centric approach. 

We respond effectively to the current needs of higher education institutions globally through the continuous improvement of our solutions. Our methodologies are constantly evolving by incorporating our own learning in our design, as well as the most current international best practices we identify in higher education management. 


Our goal is to provide institutions with reliable technology-based solutions that help improve and solve inefficiencies in planning processes so they can offer a better experience for faculty and students and elevate institutional results. 

recognizes our

uPlanner earned the Microsoft Community Response Partner of the Year 2021 award for its social impact in 16 countries, and in particular for the work achieved on behalf of Peru’s Ministry of Education to promote continuity in education at public universities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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