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At uPlanner, we want to serve our customers with the highest standards in the EdTech industry. Therefore, Customer Success Managers proactively focus on collaborating with universities and institutions to maximize the benefits of our products, facilitating their adoption, and contributing to successfully reach the established business outcomes. The Customer Success team is available to assist you via: customer.success@uplanner.com.

By having uPlanner products in your institution you will also have relevant information about our product news, best practices, among others, shared through an exclusive newsletter for our customers. To be included, please contact the Customer Success Manager of your geographic region or register in the following form: link

As part of the implementation of the uPlanner suite products, training is provided to the institution’s team. If further training is required to improve the use of the product or its adoption by new users, or due to changes in internal staff, it is possible to schedule additional sessions that are coordinated through the uPlanner Customer Success Manager assigned to your geographic region.

uPlanner makes available the documentation of the products, their functionalities, and security compliance here [insert link].

Yes, when uPlanner products are updated, each Customer Success Manager coordinates demonstrations with university teams in their geographic region so that they are aware of them and can use them. Another way to learn about product updates is to subscribe to the blog to receive notifications in your email.

There is a help desk at uPlanner where we resolve reported issues. If you are part of the institution’s IT staff, please contact the uPlanner Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned to your geographic region. The CSM will provide all the necessary support to coordinate training and delivery of uPlanner help desk access credentials. It is important to note that the help desk is level 2; if you belong to the faculty or administrative staff of the institution, you should contact the institution’s help desk.

In the event that your institution’s level 1 has not been able to resolve the issue, it is transferred to level 2, which is provided by uPlanner. Our help desk portal receives level 2 support tickets and their follow-up, status monitoring, or closure is done from this same portal. The support is available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00 in Chile (GMT-4). For more information on the levels of support and the types of incidents that are handled, please consult the User Manual.

When there is a new user who will manage uPlanner help desk issues, you must inform the Customer Success Manager to coordinate the corresponding training and login credentials.

To learn more about our products and how they support educational institutions, contact the Customer Success Manager in your geographic region, who will provide all the necessary support to coordinate activities according to your institution’s needs.