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In the dynamic landscape of educational technology, uPlanner has emerged as a pioneer, winning prestigious awards and accolades that underscore its commitment to innovation and transformative solutions. This blog explores uPlanner’s remarkable journey through various awards, each a testament to the company’s dedication to reshaping the education sector.

2017: Education Partner of the Year Award 2017, by Microsoft

In 2017, uPlanner received the “Education Partner of the Year Award” from Microsoft. This coveted award celebrates companies leading innovation and digital transformation in education. Microsoft recognised uPlanner’s efforts in using cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance the educational experience. Read more

2018: enlightED Award for Best Technology Solution

uPlanner continued to stand out in 2018 by winning the enlightED Award from Wayra and Telefónica Educación Digital. This award highlights innovation and excellence in the development of technologies applied to education, recognising the positive impact these startups have on the learning and training process. Read more

2018: Technological Innovation Award by the Academy of Engineering of Chile and CORFO

In the same year, uPlanner received the Technological Innovation Award from the Chilean Academy of Engineering, presented in conjunction with CORFO. This award recognises outstanding achievements in the field of technological innovation, honouring contributions that have had a significant impact on technological development and progress. Read more

2021: UNESCO and Microsoft Awards

In 2021, uPlanner received UNESCO‘s “Top 100 AI Companies with the Highest Impact Award”, highlighting the use of artificial intelligence to address global challenges. In addition, it won the “Microsoft Social Impact Award 2021” for its contribution to using technology to create positive change in the world. Read more

2022: Holon IQ Top 100 LATAM Edtech

The recognition continued in 2022 with the Holon IQ Top 100 LATAM Edtech Award, which recognises uPlanner as one of the top 100 education technology companies in Latin America. Read more

2023: Additional recognitions

In 2023, uPlanner was a finalist in the ‘Higher Education Solution’ category of the ‘Cool Tool Award’. In addition, Juan Pablo Mena, a leading figure in uPlanner, was recognised in the ‘Edtech Digest Top 100 Leaders of 2023’. The company was also included in the Financial Times and Statista’s ‘The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2023′ list, ranking 349th.

“I am very proud to belong to one of the best companies in the world applying algorithms and artificial intelligence in higher education, we have been recognised over the years by different organisations who have evaluated the evidence of the impact of uPlanner’s products to attack the biggest problems facing education in the world: coverage, quality and dropout. Congratulations to the entire uPlanner team, let’s go for more,” said Juan Pablo Mena, CEO of uPlanner.

uPlanner’s trajectory is a success story that has been forged through constant innovation and commitment to excellence in educational technology. From recognition from Microsoft in 2017 to prestigious international awards such as UNESCO’s 2021 and Holon IQ Top 100 LATAM Edtech in 2022, each accolade is a testament to uPlanner’s significant impact on higher education.

The uPlanner team continues to demonstrate its dedication to overcoming barriers and creating technology solutions that not only address coverage and quality, but also combat educational dropout. With each award we win, we move forward with determination towards a future where technology redefines education, driving sustainable and inclusive learning and training.

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